Featured Park – Tall Pines

Tall Pines 2012 45
Tall Pines ATV Park Andover, NY www.tallpinesatvpark.com

Tall Pines ATV Park is located in Andover, NY at Kent Farms. Trails range from farm roads to off camber, muddy trails covered with roots and rocks. There is something for everyone. Parking is located in a field located just off of Jones Road and check in is located in the barn clearly marked with a Tall Pines Sign. Also in the barn is a large seating area, wash stations, and snack bar. Primitive camping is available as well as a place to power wash your ATV. A full MX track and obstacle course compliment an excess of 50 miles of trail. The great part about this place, besides the tons of mud, is that it is a working farm. On previous trips we were able to see everything being grown from sunflowers to pumpkins. You can definitely spend the weekend exploring the trails here and not be let down.

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