Featured Sponsor – GoPro

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GoPro Be a HERO . .    http://gopro.com

Through their support GoPro has helped Swampcat Racing with recording and reviewing our races resulting in accurate time checks and the ability to critique riding style and line choice. During the race we use a collection of GoPro cameras not only on the helmet of the racer but also on the sidelines using the tri-pod mount and at times on board with the suction cup mount. In lieu of the smart remote and LCD backpack on the GoPro HERO 3’s we used the wi-fi feature to create a local network and view and control the camera from an IPhone. Swampcat Racing is looking forward to testing the GoPro HERO 4s new season and we have already given one away to a luck participant in our annual Bras for a Cause Event.

Just a few years ago we exclusively used hand held camcorders to capture video when we were trail riding or participating in events. Now with the improved video quality and versatility the GoPro setup is utilized more frequently than camcorders or cameras by almost a factor of ten.


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