Featured Park – The Lost Trails

The Lost Tails Dunmore, PA www.ridelosttrails.com

At the Lost Trails you can either pay by the day, weekend, or purchase a yearly membership. Check in provides a paved parking lot and an indoor area to complete the necessary forms and get your passes. The park includes approximately 40 miles of trail. The first section of the park named the bone yard hosts narrow winding trails that are all green in difficulty named after trails from their old location. Continuing on from the bone yard the northern half of the park hosts blue trails that lead to the stream crossing, mud pits, and rock crawls. The Southern section of the park boasts a historic tunnel and rail-trail, lakeside views, and hill climbs. In addition there is a single track for dirt bikes and a pee wee track near the trails entrance. The trails are well marked and you are provided an easy to follow map. On most weekends there will be a food vendor set up in the parking lot.

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