Who is Swampcat Racing?

It Is Not Just About  Mud Racing . . .

Above: Crowd gathered for the MudBog event during Quadfest 2007 in Somerset, PA with the flag flying high in the background.

The concept behind the creation of swampcatracing.com was to share our love of the mud and horsepower with everyone out there. Think of the website as a blog for us to share mud racing themed concepts along with what else is on our mind. Positioned in the North Eastern United States the majority of the website caters to those living in the Mid-Atlantic States. ATV rides and poker runs are posted in advance within the Where to Ride sub-menu as Event Calendar and Event Listing. Photos and video of the events we attend are then posted to our blog and to the social media sections such as instagram, youtube. Unlike the regional postings of miscellaneous events mud racing events are posted from North to South, and East to West in attempt to present the foremost source of mud racing information.

Above: Rob, AKA Swampcat, on his 650 H1 July 31st 2011 at The Lost Trails ATV Park in Dunmore, PA

Known on most forums as swampcat07, I became serious about mud and mud racing a few years ago and from that point on my Arctic Cat 650 H1 just kept growing and developing. I have participated in mud racing events on and off as available and consider myself a serious contender but not a professional in any manner. I love wrenching on my ATV and trying new modifications as much as I do racing. From 2009 thru 2014 my goal was to have a race quad set up to be competitive in the pit but also capable on the trails. The hardest part of achieving this goal is to maintain ground clearance while being able to tackle off camber situations. The short term solution to this challenge is to run two different tires ITP XTRs for trail riding and Highlifter Outlaws for the mud. A good snorkel system and proper clutching /// are a must. More power was added to turn the outlaws by installing a Black Magic exhaust, Speedwerx 700 BBK, Webcam, CP 11.1 Piston, and Engine Ice Coolant. Most other modifications are tried and tested, few remain unchanged from year to year. As history has it Swampcat Racing took six first place finishes with the Arctic Cat 650 H1 and stood on the podium over a dozen times. The Arctic Cat 650 H1 will still be used for select races and trail riding however after 2015 a new opportunities has presented it self in the form of a dedicated race ATV.

Above: Swampcat Racing’s Arctic Cat 1000 TRV JSeptember 4th 2016 at Broome-Tioga Sports Center in Richford, NY for the Mud Bog/Tuff Truck event.

With the start of the 2015 race season and continuing into 2017, Swampcat Racing has outfitted a new ATV  to be solely dedicated to racing. The platform was chosen based on a few key features. First, in keeping with tradition, it was going to be an Arctic Cat with the largest displacement motor in production. Other significant additions were the six inch stretched frame of the TRV and the application of power steering to help steer the oversized 32.5″ Highlifter Outlaw mud tires. Once the TRV was delivered the modifications were started. The oil and differential fluid was replaced with Lucas Oil and the coolant with Engine Ice. A new high performance lightweight Shorai battery replaced the stock one in the same location. Mudtech Inc provided the lift, differential braces, and arched A-Arms. A spike load damper delete kit was provided by D&P Performance. Even though the new ATV took the podium ten times in the last two years, this winter will afford the opportunity to tune motor and dial in the clutching. Current race information and stats can be found under the Race Results tab found above in the navigation bar. Please visit the site and let me know what you think. The easiest way to contact me is to send swampcat07 a direct message through instagram or an e-mail to swampcatracing at gmail, however this address is checked less frequently.

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