2017 Race Schedule

The 2017 Race schedule will be posted as soon as the dates are received from the venues. Swampcat Racing plans to attend at least a half-dozen Mud Bog Races this year.

  • 04/22/17 Thunder Ridge

  • 04/30/17 Tri-County Spring Bog

  • 6/18/17 Broome Tioga

  • 6/24/17 Thunder Ridge

  • 08/05/17 – Warren Fair ATV Bog

  • 8/19/17 Broome Tioga

  • 8/20/17 Broome Tioga

  • 09/10/17 Tri-County Fall Bog

  • 09/23/17 Ski Sawmill Summerfest

  • 10/29/17 Broome Tioga

Please check back often for additions and schedule changes.

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