Swampcat Racing is Seeking Your Support!

 Dear Future Sponsor,

A photo of the Swampcat Racing Team after a first place finish at the Broome-Tioga Sports Center’s 6th Annual Hill Billy Bog.

Thank you for your consideration of becoming a 2020 sponsor of Swampcat Racing. We are an all-terrain vehicle mud bog race team which is also focused on community events and support. Currently our race quad is a 2015 Arctic Cat TRV 1000 with the latest technology including a wet clutch delete system, a custom suspension to improve ground clearance, and other modifications to give us an edge on the competition. We are based in Northeastern Pennsylvania and attend events in the surrounding states with-in a day’s travel.

The success of our past seasons were due in large part to our sponsors, who lend their product or services to offset the total cost to race. As in past years Swampcat Racing plans to attend about a half dozen races and multiple charity events. We are looking for the following sponsor services:

  • Parts and Consumables
  • Vehicle Wrap and Decals
  • Fuel and Travel Expenses
  • Mechanical and Dyno Services
Showing off the Swampcat Racing TRV 1000 at an ATV charity event. Visitors are encouraged to ask questions about the products used to build the race quad.

By participating as a sponsor, your business will benefit from exposure through our media campaigns and from exposure through our promotional efforts directed toward the supporters of Swampcat Racing. Some of the media coverage in the past included Local News, Radio Shows, Magazine Articles, and Rider Focused Websites. Swampcat Racing will not accept new sponsors that compete with our current sponsors or those who do not offer products that we can utilize.

Swampcat Racing is committed to the sport and reaching out to our community. We are active Participants in PAOHV, NOHVCC, the Blue Ribbon Coalition, and Local ATV Clubs. Partnering with the Lost Trails ATV Park we have raised approximately $20,200 to date with the Bras for a Cause Event assisting those with Breast Cancer.

We’re counting on your support, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. The best way to contact us would be an email to swampcatracing at gmail.com or via an Instagram direct message.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

We look forward to partnering with you.


Swampcat Racing

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