2017 Race Schedule

The 2017 Race schedule will be posted as soon as the dates are received from the venues. Swampcat Racing plans to attend at least a half-dozen Mud Bog Races this year. 04/22/17 Thunder Ridge 04/30/17 Tri-County Spring Bog 6/18/17 Broome Tioga 6/24/17 Thunder Ridge 08/05/17 - Warren Fair ATV Bog 8/19/17 Broome Tioga 8/20/17 Broome Tioga 09/10/17... Continue Reading →

2016 Race Report

Please find the stats for both the 650H1 and the TRV 1000 from 2012 to the present. Overall Record 20 Times to the Podium 14 First Place Finishes 6 Second Place Finishes 0 Third Place Finishes 2016 Race Summary 5 Times to the Podium 4 First Place Finishes 1 Second Place Finishes 0 Third Place Finishes 2015 Race Summary... Continue Reading →

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